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Item Condition

I strive to source the highest quality pre-loved and vintage items, but a little wear and tear is to be expected. All items are thoroughly inspected inside and out upon arrival to Le Look. Everything is then cleaned, polished, and mended where possible. The specific condition of each item is noted in both the description and in photos. 

The bottom line - if I would not wear it in its current condition, I do not sell it.

General Condition Definitions:

Never Worn/Like New: This is the closest you can get to buying it from the store. May include original packaging, tags, etc. Little to no signs of wear. 

Excellent: Little to no signs of wear. A faint scratch here, a mark there. It has been around the block, but you can hardly tell.

Very Good: A few signs of wear consistent with gentle to moderate use. A little more worn than "excellent" condition but still fabulous.

Good: Really, we just needed an intermediary between "Very Good" and "Well-Loved". The patina on these items may be darker, the hardware a little more scratched, or have more interior markings but they're beauties none-the-less.

Well-Loved: Someone has really loved this, but it still has life left in it. In the spirit of promoting sustainable, cyclical fashion, we are always happy to give well-loved items another life. 

Fair: Irreparable damage to item but still in a wearable condition. Few items will be in this condition at Le Look, but sometimes you can't pass up something cool even if it has some flaws. (P.S. I have a vintage Louis Vuitton Speedy considered "fair condition" that I LOVE and feel absolutely free to "well-love" it myself). 

When purchasing an item, you are consenting to purchasing the item in as-is condition. If you have further questions on the condition of an item before purchasing, reach out!